freshman hazing ideas

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Freshman initiation ideas that wont get the group expelled or worst arrested seem hard to find. This type of fun should remain humorous yet non-lawsuit friendly.
Hazing Ideas | 01/30/07. Here are some things I'd do if it were my job to haze someone. Pretend like we were going on a road trip and then dump them off in the .
What are funny freshman hazing activities? ChaCha Answer: Force them to watch the Minnesota Vikings play football. ChaCha!
Okay, so a bunch of the rookies are going to have rookie night soon and we neeed some . Rookie night? Hazing? Am I on the

freshman hazing ideas

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I am writing as a marching band parent. My son will be a senior this coming year. The seniors would like to do some sort of initiation for the freshman coming in and .
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Any suggestions for freshman initiation? - initiation ideas freshman Go to our big softball tournament tomorrow, and we have some ideas, some jokes .
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Whether you are entertaining the idea of an initiation for the freshmen on your team, club, or for the class as
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