mitsubishi laservue release inch

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Mitsubishi's 65-inch LaserVue 1080p rear-projection HDTV is priced at a hefty $7,000.The TV will be released later this month. Unfortunately, there is no
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. today announced additional details surrounding the performance and functionality of its LaserVue(TM) TV.
Specs and MSRPs are in the press release after the break, from the 73-inch 640 series . Look at that teeny tiny amount of bezel. that alone is nice. . Has anyone .
I don't know. I've seen the 65" version at my local Fry's and wasn't impressed at all. Maybe they are far more impressive in a light controlled room?
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Adds New 75-Inch LaserVue TV to Bolster Industry's Broadest Line of 60-Inch-and-Larger 3D TVs Available Today, WSR Blogs, Home .
Other manufacturers may say they're living large with their latest HDTVs, but Mitsubishi's "Go Big" slogan is supported by the biggest displays available .
Mitsubishi s LaserVueTM Laser TV harnesses the power of the world s purest light source to deliver two times the color1 of many of today s HDTVs.
Precise and focused, the purity of laser provides twice the color of current hi-def TV's and provides the best 3D mitsubishi laservue release inch viewing experience. LaserVue� TV's consume only one .
Mitsubishi Releases 75-inch L75-A91 3D LaserVue TV . There

mitsubishi laservue release inch

was no noticeable ghosting or crosstalk in the image, viewing angles were enormous.
As part of its new
It's 3D ready and it's even capable of internet streaming, but the best feature is the size. The new L75-A91 LaserVue from Mitsubishi is an absolute monster. At 75

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