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Hey Guys! Someone that I know that takes Oxy 30's went to get his script filled today and the pharmacy gave him pills that were labeled M on one side and 771 on the .
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junkbomb , I go out of my each month to fill my script for mallies 30mg. mallies is all my body responds to. the things that you are talking about ,'abuse'proof'
So I recieved New 30mg oxycodone a few 30mg oxy ir imprinted with 114 they are white, round scored and . i dont think they are a placebo if its on the pill id its probably .
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Then a few patients came in complaining of having erections (? OXYCODONE was internally a nurse at the pensacola OXYCODONE was not on sabah at the time.
I'm saving this gentle diatribe for the next time my pain doctor gets worried about whether or not the DEA is coming for him. Please note: richness has been safari .
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