Raw opium compared to hydrocodone

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Opium Information. Includes Heroin, Tons of Opium, Opium Raw opium compared to hydrocodone Commission, Medicine, Opium Den, Opium Poppy, Opium Dens, Chinese Opium, Production and Anti Opium .
Originally Posted by IAm5toned comparable to hash. . low grade 10$ a gram opium is a great high, and compared to other more powerful synthetic
Opium (poppy tears, lachryma papaveris) is the dried latex obtained from opium poppies (Papaver somniferum). Opium contains up to 12% morphine, an opiate alkaloid .
Opiates & Opioids > Opium & Poppy . Please post info and questions on the basics ofopium use here. Ways of use, Dosage . This is from the DEA website: The poppy .
Opium poppy cultivation, morphine and heroin manufacture
CSA or the controlled substance act was introduced by the US government in the year 1970. Under this act the manufacture and sale of addictive drugs were regulated.
feasibility study on opium licensing in afghanistanfor the production of morphine and other essential medicines
The above file is the entire thread until July 25 2006 Poppies - from Poppyseed to

Raw opium compared to hydrocodone

Opium. Okay, Shroomerites, this is an open-and-shut case: As for my second post in .
Domain: Definition: Noah Webster [Noun] Opium is the inspissated juice of the capsules of the papaver somniferum, or somniferous white poppy with which the fields in .
Afghanistan! I was thinking the same thing! Tincture of opium as a prescription medication is incredibly difficult to come by, although it may still be more common .
POPPIES -- FROM POPPYSEED TO OPIUM Opium is the name for the latex produced within the seed pods of the opium poppy, Papaver

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